A Century of Engagement Rings Prove a Diamond is Forever


Photo Credit: Mode

They say that a diamond is forever, and it looks like that may be true, especially when it comes to engagement rings. In Mode’s latest 100 Years of Fashion episode, they focus on a century of engagement rings, detailing how the cut, settings, and size can change from decade to decade. White diamonds have been the stone de jour for close to century, with only the presentation changing. In addition to the video, which takes us from the simple solitaire rings at the turn of the century to the highly decorated colored stones of today, they also break down each ring type by style and trend in case you’re in the market for something sparkly. Seeing the jumps from simplistic styles of the 1910s to the lavishly decorated Edwardian settings in the ‘20s, or the garish rings of the ‘70s transition into the surprisingly modest looks of the ‘80s is a total trip. Which looks are your favorite?

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