Apple Hermès Watch Gets Updated Color Palette


Apple Watch Hermes Straps

Photo: Apple

When Apple and Hermès first joined forces last year to bring us the Hermès Apple Watch we were excited that there was finally going to be a stylish smartwatch that we would actually want to wear. The only thing we weren’t fans of? The limited collection of strap options—luckily that won’t be an issue much longer. Just in time for spring, they’ll be releasing a new line of colorful watch straps that will include the original four hues—black, brown, red and blue—and four new shades: Bleu Paon an emerald green, Bleu Saphir a navy blue, Blanc a stark white and Feu, Hermès’ signature bright orange.

Originally sold exclusively as part of a watch set, this will be the first time the bands will be sold separately. Three strap options will be available: the Single Tour band, which will retail for $340, the Double Tour band, which is priced at $490 and the cuff for $690. Bands will be available online starting April 19.

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