Limited Hydromechanical Skull Watch Channels Bad Boy Attitude


Photo/Video Credit: HYT

Having trouble finding a luxury timepiece that will pair with your badass personality? Well HYT has just solved all your sartorial issues with the new HYT Skull Bad Boy. The latest from the brand is an impressive skull-faced time piece that focuses on sleek design and attitude, and runs on the label’s signature hydro-mechanics. From the exclusively developed fluid to the watch’s Damascus steel-inspired metals, this timepiece took engineers, scientist and designers over 12 months to develop. Only 50 limited-edition pieces will be available to buyers and collectors.

HYT Skull Bad Boy

HYT is known for their exceptional hydro mechanics and the Skull Bad Boy is no different. The watch makes use of a capillary which carries fluid through the face to act as the dial, notating the time around the skull. Of course it’s not any normal water running past the delicate inner workings. HYT had to specifically design a fluid that would be able to adapt to constraints of the movement, not adhere to the wall of the watch and not interact on molecular level with the elements inside the timepiece. It took over a year to create and underwent several weeks of testing to be sure of its chemical stability.

HYT Skull Bad Boy

The liquid acts as the hour and minute hands, running the perimeter of the 51mm skull watch face, while the seconds can been seen in the skull’s left eye socket. The right eye socket holds the watch’s power reserve indicator which gets darker as the piece runs lower on its 65-hour power reserve. The skull is designed to emulate the appearance of Damascus steel. To create the look, a foundry in the Neuchâtel region created a raw composite of steel and carbon that is folded over itself 256 times before being cast into a skull. The silver-toned skeleton is then layered over the Clous de Paris face which is surrounded with Gothic indexes and enclosed within a matte black titanium casing.

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