The Classiest Way to Wear a Hair Tie Around Your Wrist


Photo Credit: Bittersweet by Maria Shireen

Nearly every girl with reasonably lengthy locks has worn a hair tie around her wrist. And it looks tacky, but let’s face it: they are necessary part of having long hair. So we deal with it and sometimes forgo wearing one in the name of style, only to realize our mistake later when we just want our hair out of our face. Maria Shireen was inspired by this little problem and created Bittersweet, a simple (yet totally genius) design that takes the wrist-worn hair tie from necessary evil to both function and fashion. Available in 925 silver and 22k rose gold or gold plate, Bittersweet bracelets are adorable both with and without a hair band perfectly nestled in the grooves of the piece, so whether your hair is up or down, your wrist still looks cute. The shape and design is simple and can be paired with just about any other look; you can stack them or mix and match.

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