Vacheron Constantin Opens Up A Little With the Malte Tourbillon Openworked


Photo Credit: Vacheron Constatin

The intricacy of watch design is often astounding, and we love a good look at the movement of a beautiful watch. Which is why we also love it when a watchmaker comes out with a piece that shows off the complication. The new Malte Tourbillon Caliber 2790 SQ is an openworked watch designed to show wearers exactly what goes on behind the scenes of their wrist candy. Each watch takes approximately 540 hours of meticulous crafstmanship to create the three-dimensional structure of its 246 separate pieces. If the attention to detail weren’t enough, the mosaic features several components that were created to emulate the brand’s signature cross.

The Malte Tourbillon Caliber 2790 SQ is available for purchase at select Vacheron Constantin boutiques worldwide, starting at around $230,000. 

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