Ringly: The Activity Tracker that’s Smart AND Stylish



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Wearing activity trackers has been a trend for the last few years that many are weary of trying due to the bulky screen and ugly rubber wrist band that really just doesn’t fit into their daily style. And, unless you’re a personal trainer or in another profession where it is deemed necessary to wear an entire computer on your wrist, the tracker phase just doesn’t seem necessary to a lot of people. But, in order to get everyone to try the trend, many companies are coming up with ways to hide the tracker so it looks like a fashionable accessory.


Ringly created gorgeous faceted cocktail rings and beautifully simple gemstone bracelets, that yes, also act as discreet activity trackers. With a series of four different vibrations and a small light, the jewelry can alert you of incoming calls and texts, important emails, and receive notifications from various apps. The integrated Ringly app is customizable to ensure that only the notifications from the apps you want to see come through. The water-resistant activity tracker ring also tracks steps taken, calories burned and general activity levels throughout the day, so you can stay on track with your health and fitness routine. And, of course, the jewelry also comes with it’s very own USB jewelry box for charging. Smart jewelry that is effortlessly beautiful, too!


Ringly activity tracker rings and bracelets are $165, all set in 18k gold or stainless steel, and come in a variety of gemstones to match any outfit. 

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